Every day millions of doctors around the world save lives at the cost of their own health. We are aware of the value of your work. Today doctors are in greatest need of public recognition

Igor Rybakov and Alexey Sergienko announce a nationwide competition for the best monument design to doctors-heroes.
Igor Rybakov
coauthor, philanthropist
Alexey Sergienko
coauthor, artist
To support all medical professionals, an open competition is being held for sketches of the project of monument to doctor-heroes who were at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. The purpose of the competition is to promote the profession of a doctor and perpetuate the feat of doctors.

The competition is open to all creative people in the world. The authors of the top 5 projects will receive 100,000 rubles each one. Next, we will determine the place where the best project will be implemented.
Submit the form
The contest organizer will contact you.
Read the requirements for participation in the competition.
Learn the rules of the contest
Fill out the participation form from the contest regulations.
Send all the required files in a reply e-mail by 19 May.
Draw a sketch of the monument
How to participate
Acceptance of applications and sketches that meet the criteria specified in the regulations
of the contest.
Until May 19
Until May 21
Expert review of sketches
and online voting.
Summing up the results and issue of certificates to the participants.
Stages of the competition
Stage 1. Until May 21, 2020
Acceptance of projects.
Until June 19
June 21
Summing up the results of the second stage by the jury members and an exhibition of projects.
Awarding ceremony.
October 5
Opening of the monument
to doctors-heroes.
Stage 2. From May 22 until June 21, 2020
The result of the first stage of the competition is the selection of 10 sketches by the jury for participation in the second stage
Igor Rybakov and Alexey Sergienko
will be happy to meet with the authors
of the best projects.
The monument will be installed
on October 5, 2020.
The prize fund of the contest is 500,000 rubles
Make your own mite
to the support of heroes-doctors!
Submit the form to participate in the contest
The contest organizer will contact you.
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